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Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs at Joschi International School of Vinyasa Yoga, New York


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Monday - Friday 8:30am-5:30pm


$2,150 by 2 months prior to start date
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$2,300 by 1 month prior to start date
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$2,450 thereafter

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Joschi Yoga Institute NYC
Yoga Alliance Registered School


Joschi Schwarz - Director  
Monika Werner - Director 



"I could honestly write a book about how amazing this program is! Going through the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Joschi Yoga institute has been one of the most amazing experiences for me! Joschi and Monika, along with the other teachers, gave me the tools I need to succeed as a yoga teacher. They truly care for their students and want each and every one them to be successful. This program has introduced me to new people, new languages, and most importantly embraced my inner self. The program is intense and gives an in-depth training for the mind and body. I met such amazing people and will carry this experience throughout my yoga teaching career. It is a unique atmosphere with a hands on approach to learning. Joschi and Monika made themselves accessible to any questions we might have and always made sure we understood all the content. They make an awesome team and are wonderful people... I couldn't recommend Joschi's Yoga Teacher Training more!" - Noelle K.
"I have been practicing and teaching yoga outside of New York for a few years. I knew moving to New York I would need more training so I decided to do Joschi's teacher training program. The teacher training program is AMAZING! There are people of many skill levels in my teacher training but it really pushes you to be a better instructor and more than that, it has helped my personal yoga practice more than I could possibly express. The studio is beautiful, the teachers are amazing and because of the wonderful teachers and teacher trainers I have deepened my personal practice. Thank you Joschi!!!" - Noelia F.
"This 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course is one of the best things I have ever done- it exceeded my expectations by a wide margin on many levels and I recommend it to ANYONE!! Whether you plan on making yoga your career or just looking to expand your knowledge, this yoga teacher training leaves you feeling empowered, comfortable teaching a class, and eager to share all of the amazing things we get to learn..." - Natalia M.
"I needed a little space from my teacher training program before I could reflect and share my feelings and thoughts on the experience. It was such an intense experience (hence being called an INTENSive teacher training program) but such an amazing one. I had the honor of meeting 19 other unique souls going through life transitions and searching to better themselves and the lives of others through yoga. Each one of my peers inspired, surprised, and challenged me every day and through learning about their lives and individual journeys with yoga I learned so much about myself and my own. At the Joschi Yoga Institute, we as students were guided by three very different but all incredibly caring, intelligent, and devoted teachers. The experience would not have been the same had one of my peers or teachers been missing. I went into the program intending to learn more about myself physically, mentally, and emotionally so that I could better guide others to find the same kind of self love and understanding. I was also excited to get into the academic side of yoga, to learn anatomy and sanskrit, philosophy, history, etc. That desire is what lead me to the Joschi Yoga Institute specifically, and I was not disappointed... >Read more testimonials here!




Internationally Accredited Yoga Alliance Registered School
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training - RYT

In our Yoga Teacher Training Programs you'll find yourself empowered and you'll discover what it takes to help and empower others! Joschi Yoga Institute's Teacher Training Programs are specifically designed to bring about positive shifts in the quality of your life.
Immerse yourself into your Yoga Teacher Training and dive deep into your yoga surrounded by an amazing energetic community that often leads to life-long friends. You'll receive unparalleled personal support to empower you and bring more self-awareness and conscious living into your life.
All our Yoga Teacher Training Mentors bring their expertise as facilitators for growth and transformation in a compassionate way. We'll help you understand yourself more clearly and what it is you want and how to get there.
Joschi Yoga Teacher Trainings are limited to 20 students to ensure the quality of the program. We are proud to offer high contact hours, affordable course cost and flexible programs since 2006.
Joschi Yoga Institute is connected to over 57 countries and over 1000 teachers throughout the world and will happily connect you in any way possible.

Latest Testimonial July 2016

"Joschi Yoga Institute is awesome!
As an advanced yoga student, I thought I'd only go through the rudimentary steps to get my certification, but boy, was I wrong!
This program was totally complete and intensive. As expected, it covered the technical aspects of yoga, i.e., the asanas, and the philosophical side of yoga. But to my pleasant surprise, it also covered the spirituality of yoga, including the chakras, as well as the very practical, such as what to expect as a yoga teacher, and finally, how to create your own personal style in order to put your signature on your work as a teacher.
Joschi's expertise on anatomy is expert. Jo is full of love, especially in his work with chakras and crystals. And Monika's eye for detail is impeccable in the daily practice. I felt completely comfortable and safe in their hands. Best of all, they encouraged a bonding among the students, so we all experienced a deep connection and lasting friendships. It truly enhanced my own practice and supported my work as a teacher.
From beginning to end, for all levels of students and backgrounds, I highly recommend Joschi Yoga Institute." - John M.  
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Graduate Short Story

We are deeply touched and wanted to thank Lydia for taking the time to share her story and experience about the Joschi Yoga Teacher Training with us. It's incredible to be able to guide you through your life-changing journey that has shaped you into the person you are today. If you want an in-depth look into what it feels like to live and breathe a Joschi Yoga Teacher Training Program >CLICK HERE and follow Lydia along for the ride of the ups and downs of the 4-week intensive and see how you, too can feel empowered, strong and confident to share your passion for yoga & life with others. Sending you tons of love and good energy, Joschi & Monika. To read Lydia's short story >CLICK HERE

Upcoming Joschi Yoga Teacher Certification Programs - RYT 200

New Dates Coming Soon!
4-Week Program - Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm  

January 09 - February 03, 2017 - sold out!

Joschi Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification Program

Joschi Yoga Institute's 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program gives you all the skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to be a great, creative and compassionate teacher in a small group setting. Our Teacher Training will immerse you in all aspects of yoga and develops skills in the fundamentals and methodology of teaching yoga with an emphasis on vinyasa yoga.
Our progressive, foundation-based approach will cover the fundamental postures and how to sequence the asanas in a fluid manner. It includes the basics of pranayama & meditation and how to incorporate them into your classes. Because of the physical nature of vinyasa, we will discuss anatomy / physiology and how it relates to poses, posture and alignment during class. We'll explore the philosophy and ethics of yoga as well as finding teaching opportunities after graduation and the business side of being a yoga teacher.

Joschi Yoga Institute's Teacher Training Practica is limited to 20 students to ensure the quality of the program. All students will have ample opportunity to observe our highly trained, caring and experienced faculty as well as practice teaching small groups.


Learn to teach yoga at Joschi Yoga Institute, New York City, NY - Lead by Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner

Upon graduation you will be equipped to teach the most popular forms of yoga:
Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Flow Yoga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Restorative Yoga and many more.

Nowadays the possibilities of teaching yoga are endless. You can find our graduates all over the world and of course NYC in studios, gyms, spas, schools, hospitals, corporate settings, homeless shelters and even prison. Some even fulfill their dream of opening their own yoga studio, others bring the benefits of yoga to the world as part of a TV show. Joschi Yoga Institute has connections to teachers and studios in 57 countries and will happily connect you in any way possible.

Joschi Yoga Institute is an internationally recognized Yoga Alliance Registered School. The program is suitable for aspiring teachers as well as for students who want to deepen their practice. It is also applicable to those who are already professional yoga teachers and wish to take their practice to the next level by sharpening their teaching skills.

The Purpose of Joschi Yoga Institute's Teacher Training Program is to provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere and an in-depth course of study of yoga to enable students to deepen their personal practice and become skilled yoga teachers. Our internationally recognized teaching professionals are here to make your learning experience one that inspires spiritual, physical and emotional growth. We will help bring you to your personal edge and your greatest potential.

With the successful completion of all of Joschi Yoga Institute's Teacher Training Program requirements - contact hours, essay assignment and exam - you will receive your Certificate of Completion evidencing your training at the 200-Hour Level. You may register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level.


We want YOU to Succeed!

Joschi Yoga Teacher Trainings are limited to 20 students to ensure the quality of the program. We are proud to offer high contact hours, affordable course cost and flexible programs since 2006.

We ask from you a commitment to be open and willing to learn to become an excellent teacher, but we know life happens!

We get it. If you have a scheduling conflict with one of the program dates, you may make up for the missed time in a following program within 6 months. We offer Yoga Teacher Training Programs that allow you to sign up for any of our 4-week Yoga Teacher Training Programs and finish it in a flexible schedule that helps you make a living, make a life and make a difference.

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Please >CLICK HERE to email us with your specific questions or to make an appointment to visit the institute for your personal consultation.


Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner lead Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs at Joschi Yoga Institute, New York City, NY


• Attend a Yoga Alliance Registered School with internationally recognized teaching professionals
• Learn simple strategies to discover your true gift
• Experience a combination of Western Science with Eastern Wisdom for the Modern Yogi
• Transform a vision into a mission
• Have fun and be connected with wonderful people
• Learn to teach asanas (postures) with ultimate balance between the physical and the spiritual
• Learn to teach modified versions of asanas (postures) with the help of props
• Discover relevant and in depth mechanics of human anatomical systems supported by a dynamic multi-media presentation, worksheets and practical demonstrations
• Learn a unique flow style of yoga, suitable for all levels; not just the physically fit and advanced
• Master completely safe, injury preventative teaching instructions
• Learn extremely precise and detailed teaching linguistics
• Learn how to create simple yet complex yoga flows to guide those with different needs and abilities
• Get ample opportunity for practicing teaching skills in front of live students and apply the skills learned in our teacher training in your practica with the help of an experienced, professional mentor.
• Learn to use different teaching methodologies and discover those that suit your personal style
• Discover the many facets of a yogic, holistic lifestyle
• Experience a non-performance, non-competition based approach
• Develop your own spiritual journey
• Lose yourself in what you love and create the freedom and fulfillment you deserve
• Benefit from continuing mentorship, after-course support and ongoing professional development support


If you have any specific questions, please email to arrange your personal consultation.

Learn more about the content of the program and how it can benefit you.
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