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Creative Director/Co-Owner of Joschi Yoga Institute


Joschi (pronounced Yo-shee) arrived 1995 in NYC with all the wisdom of a young man who's seen life from two unique perspectives - stage entertainment and hospital life, a burning desire to make it in the big city and an Ipod full of eclectic songs we'd never heard before but have learned to love.

A true movement aficionado, Joschi has taught more classes, workshops, and teacher trainings than you've had slices of pizza. As an educator, he has the innate ability to translate the mystical elements of yoga into real-life situations of contemporary life.

He is one of America's most naturally gifted teachers with a particular passion for creative teaching and an impressive European resume, which some suspect was just an excuse to live in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Croatia.




Joschi is an internationally recognized specialist for anatomy, fitness and yoga with a teaching experience that spans over more than 20 years. Some of his celebrated high profile students include Emma Stone, Tyra Banks, 6-time Olympian Robert Dover and Academy Award Winner Ann Roth to name a few.

His passion for the inner workings of the human body led him to study medicine and work in hospitals for numerous years, specializing in internal medicine, sports medicine as well as psychosomatic. Joschi was a highly acclaimed dancer and performed all over Europe on stage, TV and in video productions.

Joschi holds a Medical Degree, is a certified Anatomy Specialist, a member of Yoga Alliance (E-RYT) and holds multiple fitness and yoga certifications.



Joschi Schwarz - Anatomy Expert and Master Teacher at Bold & Naked Yoga, New York City, NY
Joschi Schwarz - Yoga Innovator, Yoga Master
Joschi Schwarz - Yoga Innovator, Master Teacher and Co-Founder of Bold & Naked Yoga, NYC
Joschi Schwarz - Yoga Therapist, Co-Founder of Bold & Naked Yoga, NYC
Joschi Schwarz - Yoga Teacher in New York City and around the world


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Joschi Schwarz - Joschi International Yoga Founder

Joschi Schwarz - Master Teacher and Joschi International Yoga Founder